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Stressing At Work While Your Dog Is At Home

Stressing At Work While Your Dog Is At Home

Have you ever been at work trying to finish up in time so you can rush home just to see that your dog did not wait for you to let him or her out? Does your dog have a personalized door to go outside that he or she does not use while you are at work. Do you wonder if dogs have the same urges that you do wanting to go out to play or even just go on a walk to change the scenery? The answer is probably yes and whether you want someone to come check up on or take your dog on a walk you can count on ezepet. Ezepet is an application for iPhone (Android coming soon) that connects dog owners with dogwalkers, dogsitters, dog groomers, and boarders. Did you not have time to pick up dog food on the way home because you don’t have extra time? Ezepet delivers dog products from all locations and is partnering up with local and retail stores within the area. Use the anything order if you don’t find the specific product you are looking for and we make sure to find it and deliver it quickly. Save your extra time and stop worrying because ezepet’s mission is to make your life easier. Leave work at your office and relax at home while ezepet takes care of walking your dog and going to the store for you. Need a human product while we are picking up something for your pup? No worries, you can add it to your anything order. Our job is not only to make your pet happy but to make sure everyone in your family benefits whether pup or human. Ezepet strives to be the fastest way to have any pet product or service delivered. If you ever have any doubts or feel that the service can be improved in any way let us know and be rewarded with a fee dog walk. Share the message and the mission with other people via social media and get a free dog walk and future discounts. We are glad to have you here and we look forward to seeing you and your pups in the future.


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